Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Proposed Rush Hospital High-Rise at 1411 S. Michigan = Chicago Firehouse Tear down? Seems Unlikely.

A reader writes and questions about a recent post we had on a new development coming to 1411 s. Michigan:
Hmmm... The 1411 renderings show the new building going all the way to the corner. Is that just artistic license, or are they going to raze the firehouse?
While we're not 100% sure, if we had to guess, the Chicago Firehouse restaurant (1401 S. Michigan) isn't going anywhere.  The restaurant is going through a massive rebuild and expansion actually.  So if they were just going to tear down the firehouse, they probably wouldn't be doing this work first.

Seems like the rendering might have had some "artistic license" as you said.

(Hat tip:  JF!)

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