Monday, July 11, 2016

Issues with Theater Parking Rates at Roosevelt Collection?

A reader writes:
Had a less than pleasant experience this weekend when we went to see a movie at the Roosevelt Collection theater. Parking rates for the theater have jumped from FREE to TWELVE BUCKS!! We were informed the theater was under new ownership hence the rule change. The $12 parking did give you a $7 voucher for the snack bar, which looks like it now offers free refills on soda and popcorn...but who gets up in the middle of a movie for a refill and try spending $7 even at the counter, you're just going to be opening your wallet again. Overall, it felt like a huge rip off...$60 total for two adult tickets and parking? No thanks!
We knew this was coming, but wonder how it will affect the businesses at RC.  You can find more info about parking at Roosevelt Collection here.

According to their website, with in-store validation the first 90 minutes are free.  What isn't clear is if this is only for the store, not the theater.

Since movies are usually 90 minutes or more, it seems like the policy should/would be different.

What does everyone think?

(Hat tip:  LZ!)

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