Thursday, July 7, 2016

A Concept for High-Profile Parking Lot in Printers Row (SE Corner of Dearborn/Harrison)

A reader writes:
Interesting proposal/concept for the current parking lot in Printer's Row on the corner of Harrison & Dearborn - be sure to scroll through the pics.

This appears to simply be a concept by local architecture firm, MGLM.  This is what they say about it on their website:
Envisioned for a narrow empty site near the heart of Chicago, this mixed-use infill building creates amenities the area currently lacks.  
The design responds to a broad need for sustainable, hyper-local developments encouraging pedestrian traffic and revitalization in formerly industrial urban areas, as well as the specific needs of the Printer’s Row neighborhood itself. Nine adjacent universities lie within a ten-minute walk of the site, but no grocery stores. With a major grocer to anchor the building at its base, the 170 loft apartments above provide needed housing for students and others connected to the universities.  
The building’s brick fa├žade and terra cotta details complement the unique architectural identity of this former printing center of the Midwest. The well-known 19th-century Chicago loft aesthetic is continued with large windows, lending each unit plentiful natural light and skyline views.

It does seem baffling to us that this high-profile piece of land hasn't been developed in some manner.  A parking lot seems like such a waste of a great lot.  Eventually we imagine that will change, but in the meantime we will continue to just scratch our heads.

Also, the point about the grocery store seems interesting to us.  Printers Row doesn't have a grocery store, but there are a ton on Roosevelt and it seems like their are a decent amount of convenience stores if residents can't walk/drive to TJ's, Jewel, Target, Whole Foods or Mariano's.

Anyway, fun to dream about this one.

(Hat tip:  V808!)

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