Thursday, November 20, 2014

Oh My Gawd! Is South Michigan the "Spa Corridor"?
Apparently as OMG Spa Signs Appear at 1620 S. Michigan

Yesterday we spoke about some restaurant momentum on South Michigan (mostly north of Roosevelt).  Today we talk about another apparent trend on South Michigan - the insane amount of spa-type businesses that are open.

A reader sends us an email which definitely gave us a chuckle:
Just walked by 1620 s Michigan and there is a pink sign up for OMG spa coming soon. 
Sign says hair and nails. Apparently michigan s of Roosevelt is becoming a real "spa" corridor, whatever that means...

It is a great observation and definitely is mind boggling to think about how all of these businesses can stay open when you would think they would cannibalize each other.  Clearly the overhead expenses are low.

Regardless, it is nice to see some retail activity come to the long vacant 1620 S. Michigan (besides a temporary real estate office and a storage center).

(Hat tip: JB!)

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