Friday, September 12, 2014

Plan Calls for Townhouses Where Failed X/O Tower Was Proposed

Via Chicago Real Estate Daily:
Proposed renderings of X/O Towers
After one residential developer tried — and failed — to go big and tall on a South Loop site, another one is going short and small.  
A joint venture between Golub & Co. and Sandz Development Co. plans to build 62 town homes on the 1600 and 1700 blocks of South Prairie Avenue, a site where a venture led by developer Keith Giles wanted to build two glassy condominium towers during the boom.  
Neighbors rebelled against the proposed high-rises, arguing that they didn't fit in with smaller historic buildings nearby, and the property wound up in foreclosure after the condo market crashed.  
The townhomes proposed by Golub and Sandz, both based in Chicago, would reach a maximum height of 45 feet, according to an application filed with the city for a zoning change to the property. The towers proposed in 2006, called X/O, would have been 310 and 450 feet tall with 479 condos.

There was a lot of drama about the X/O towers (here is one old post that summarizes it well).  Since it's demise we've heard various rumors, but the last one we heard was a Charter school was looking at the real estate.  Seems like that didn't work.

Townhouses probably make the most sense and seem like they will fit in pretty well with the other buildings in the neighborhood.

(Hat tip:  JG!)

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