Saturday, September 13, 2014

2nd Ward and Former Sloop Alderman Fioretti Throws Hat into Mayoral Race

We knew that Alderman Fioretti got drawn out of our neighborhood during the recent gerrymandering process for Chicago wards, so we knew he wouldn't be "representing" us much longer.  However, he made a big announcement this morning which if successful means he could be representing us and many others in Chicago (via Chicago Tribune):
As he sat recently on a stage under bright lights waiting to do a television interview, Ald. Bob Fioretti tugged on his necktie, the knot neatly propped up by a tie bar under his collar. He adjusted his earpiece, and a producer asked him if he was ready.  
"I'm not just ready," he responded, "I'm Fioretti."  
Now the 2nd Ward alderman, who has spent the past three years as Rahm Emanuel's harshest and most frequent City Council critic, is ready to announce Saturday that he will challenge the mayor in the Feb. 24 city election.  
"I've made the decision I'm going to run for mayor of this city," Fioretti told the Tribune. "We can no longer afford a mayor who has been divisive, who has turned his back on a lot of our communities. We need someone who can unite and realize the struggles of our people."

The quote about being "Fioretti" is slightly cheesy, but gave us a good chuckle.  Maybe he's testing out his campaign slogan - "Chicago is Fioretti for Change"

Anyway, Fioretti flirted with the idea of running for mayor in 2010, so the fact that he's throwing his hat into the ring isn't super surprising.

It seems like a long shot to us that Fioretti could win, but it's probably a good time to give it a shot.  Rahm Emmanuel has a higher profile locally, nationally and internationally but recent polls have suggested that hiss ratings are falling fast in Chicago - which is obviously critical since Chicagoans are the ones who are either going to reelect him or not.

Fioretti has been one of the few aldermen who have been continually critical of Rahm, so he seems like a natural opponent.  The slightly more high-profile local candidate that has been rumored to be considering a run as well is Karen Lewis, the Chicago Teachers Union President, who infamously was a thorn in the mayors side during the teachers strike in 2012.

Anyway, best of luck to Bob!

He's done well for us in the Sloop so we're excited to see his campaign and what his agenda will be.  We did read on WGN that he is supposed to be running on:
His agenda is expected to include a one-percent commuter tax, an elected school board and a $15-an-hour minimum wage. He’s also expected to campaign for reopening the mental health clinics that Mayor Rahm Emanuel closed and support the hiring of at least 500 additional police.
This may also explain why Rahm was supposedly shaking hands in the South Loop on Friday:
Did you see/hear anything about Mayor Rahm Emanuel thanking people at the Roosevelt station today? I actually got to walk up and shake his hand.
Oh're so silly sometimes....

(Hat tip: KP & NS!)

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