Thursday, September 18, 2014

Burger Bar Build-out Underway at 1160 S. Michigan

Burger Bar just south of North Ave on Clybourn 
We have had some questions whether or not the rumored Burger Bar was in fact going to open in the Columbian at the northwest corner of Roosevelt and Michigan.

A couple readers have sent us emails on the topic:
Burger Bar is definitely coming to the Columbian. The build-out is over a month along and hopefully it will open before too long. The estimate was 4 months ….. 
The burger bar is the space north of our entrance ……. The south space I’ve heard will is the elements massage, but haven’t heard if they’re signed …. We have (2) retail spaces in our building.
Another reader wrote:
My wife snuck in and peeked at reported Burger Bar location at Columbian... Seems to be a bar restaurant under construction.
Definitely will be a nice addition to the hood!  Pretty positive yelp score (4 stars)!  Looking forward to them opening.

(Hat tip: TM & CR!)

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