Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Chicago Mag: "Why You Should Root for Lucas Museum"

When George Lucas and his team chose Chicago and specifically the museum campus for his high-profile museum, many people were shocked (including us).  Many people were concerned it would set a bad precedent for future "development" on our precious lakefront.  And many people seem to be indifferent.

Anyway, if you do care Jeffrey Brown penned an article stating his case as to why we should root for the George Lucas Museum.  He states the negatives that people are saying.  He states his positives and then sums it up in his last paragraph:
Illustration by Jeffrey Brown
Other than the fact that a renowned Chinese architect named Ma Yansong and Jeanne Gang were picked to design the building and the surrounding landscape, there haven’t been a lot of details about this museum—what’s in it, who will pay for it, who would own it, what it will look like—so speculation runs wild, the way it did each time we were waiting for the next Star Wars film. It’s good to question the specifics, but it seems silly to be starting with an assumption that whatever this museum is going to be, it’ll be bad. If there’s going to be a place on the lakefront that will spark creativity and capture the imagination, isn’t that a whole lot better than another parking lot?
Thought we would share a published perspective.  There will be more and we will try to post about those as well.

While he focuses on the museum's impact in our eyes some of the bigger benefits for us in the South Loop would be better access to Northerly Island or even access improvements to Museum Campus (which is what Rahm recently asked about).

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