Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Aurelio's Shooting to Open "Flagship" Store in January 2015

Back in mid-August we noticed that the exterior of the future flagship space of Aurelio's Pizza had some heavy construction going on.  We were happy...seems like the project is still moving forward!

Since then we've received some additional emails from various readers like this one:
Here's a little update on the Aurelio's Pizza that will be located on Michigan & Roosevelt. From what I could find out they are going to open around December sometime ...I was kinda disappointed that they are taking so long but I am watching the progress of a build out! Can you verify my info?!
Seems reasonable that it wouldn't be ready until December.

However, that might be slightly aggressive.  We recently read the following tidbit from an article on DNAinfo:
In the spring, Aurelio’s owner Joe Aurelio told me his family pizza joint would make a triumphant return to Chicago by the end of August, and I told you to stop by and “tell 'em Mark sent you.” 
I reached out to Aurelio to find out why I had to head to Little Italy for dinner when all I wanted was one of his thin-crust pies. 
“Delay after delay … between the landlords and the city,” he wrote. “All the delays are unavoidable.”  
Construction on Roosevelt that included tearing up the sidewalk stalled work on the building’s exterior and, well, all that matters is the work isn’t done yet. 
“Oh, well,” Aurelio wrote. “Looks like January.”
So that's the latest.  The good news is that it appears it's still moving forward.  The bad news, it's moving slower than expected.  We're hoping for a January opening...but let's be real - spring seems more feasible (hopefully they prove us wrong).

For some older info on the "flagship" location here is an older post we did back in February 2014.

(Hat tip: NM!)

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