Monday, September 29, 2014

Mac Kelly's Brings Quick and Healthy Options to S. Michigan

We were excited, but wanted to stay reserved when it came to Mac Kellys Greens N' Things opening up at 1347 S. Michigan.  Their menu looked different and promising, but many menus have in the past.

Well we finally went and would confidently say it exceeded our expectations.  It's not gourmet, but it does provide a ton of healthy, quick dishes and from what we could tell the ingredients were all very fresh.  They definitely provide a unique offering in the neighborhood.

Throughout the city places like Protein Bar and Freshii seem to be popping up left and right.  If you like those places, chance are you will like the Sloop's version of Mac Kelly's (which tends to be more streamlined than the Loop version).  While the menu might not be as robust or trying to be as trendy it was pretty appetizing to us.

Since we're on the quinoa kick, we opted for the "Rapture Bowl" which consisted of organic quinoa, goat cheese avocado, mushrooms, spinach, red peppers, tomato, olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette and baked chicken:

We also opted for the "signature dressing" because it sounded amazing:

We also tried the "Teriyaki Twist" bowl which was rice noodles (which they were out of so had brown rice instead), green onions, cucumber, edamame, carrots, broccoli, sesame seeds and teryiaki sauce with steak.

To top it off we split the "Passion Smoothie" which had pineapple, mango, orange, strawberries and yogurt.  We watched intently as she made it and wow did the ingredients look fresh and wow did it taste fresh.

The woman working the counter was very nice.  While there are counters to eat on, this is more a take out type of place, which is nice, because if you need something healthy and quickly (which isn't easy to find in the Sloop) this fills that void.

We will be going back soon.  If you haven't been we suggest you try it out!

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