Thursday, September 4, 2014

Haberdash Announces their New "Omni-Channel Retailing" Concept

Haberdash at Roosevelt Collection announces their "new" concept:
Haberdash, the men's lifestyle retail brand has just announced that its September re-launch will unveil a new retail "Convergence" concept at its mens fashion store location at the Roosevelt Collection in Chicago's South Loop .
The "Convergence" model integrates the company's daily E commerce operations into the store location; photo studio, pick, pack and ship and most importantly client services. The client services are Omni Channel focused providing the best practices experience for the Haberdash brand in-store and on-line customers. 
"Through the launch of the new model, our clients will now be able to fully interact in a new way and experience Omni-Channel retailing first hand," said Kimberly Stablein, Brand Marketing Manager for Haberdash, adding that "the new experience will showcase a fully interactive photo studio that is visible to the public along with the pick, pack and ship operation to show the usually behind-the-scenes process." Haberdash will provide ample information from styling tips, to product detail from their talented Client Service Advisors through in-store and online channels.
We're not really sure what Omni-Channel retailing is, but definitely sounds like a buzz word and like something fancy (thanks google for explaining what it is).

If you recall, back in June 2014 the retailer closed up shop while they rethought the consumer experience at the Roosevelt Collection location.  Some people were questioning if they were closed for good.

It was slightly strange that they had to rethink the concept so quickly after opening their doors in October of 2013.  We're only guessing, but maybe they were waiting for other retailers to officially come in to increase foot traffic at Roosevelt Collection.

As you may or may not recall, many other retailers are in the process of building out their retail space including Lululemon, Victoria's Secret, Banana Republic, The Container Store, Northwestern Memorial Physicians Group, among others.

Best of luck to them.

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