Monday, October 12, 2009

X/O: From Conception to Failure

We've spoken to and heard from a lot of people that were always interested in discussing or getting information about the controversial X/O towers (1712 S. Prairie). As we posted a couple of weeks ago, this project is dead.

However, Micah Maidenberg, at the Chicago Journal, recently posted a link to a compilation of articles that they wrote covering the X/O project. If you were into the debate behind the project (which was controversial for a variety of reason but mainly because of its proposed size and proximity to the historic Prairie Avenue district) it's a fun read:
From a Chicago Journal article in April 2006

Mark Kieras, president of the Prairie District Townhomes—located across the street from the site at 18th and Prairie--opposes the proposal. He says the towers are out of character with the block’s historic feel. Mansions that once belonged to Chicago wealthy powerbrokers line the block: the Marshall Field mansion has been converted to six townhomes; Glessner House, designed by prominent architect H.H. Richardson, and Clarke House are now owned by the city and open to the public as museums.

“In my opinion, it’s completely disrespectful of the Prairie Avenue Historic District,” he said of Giles’ proposal. “He wants to do something different, and I applaud him for that, but the location isn’t necessarily the best location. Beyond that corner, I don’t really care. That’s the corner I’m worried about.”


Anonymous said...

You know, I like tall buildings--especially in inner-ring neighborhoods--and my reflex when I read stories like this is to be all GRAR NIMBYS GRAR GRAR. Plus I live in Printer's Row, so this project wouldn't have impacted me in any way.

But X/O was an insane idea.

Seriously, what the hell.

resident said...

Thank GOD. This project would have been a major eyesore. I hope the developer that eventually builds at that location builds either townhomes, row houses, or single family homes - intermingled with either a park or significant green spaces.