Thursday, January 23, 2014

Villain's 2.0 Buildout Begins

A reader writes:
Attached are a couple of photos from the Villains 2.0's location when I walked by their new location last night.
It looks like they are making some progress. 
I guess it is race between First Draft and Villains on who gets their place open first.
As a reminder, Villain's closed in late 2012 amid what seemed to be a dispute with the building owner.  However, they announced that they were reopening across the street at 730 S. State street.  People really seem to be passionate about Villain's (for good reason) and seem to eagerly be awaiting this opening.

Hopefully the progress continues and they will open soon.

Moving into the old Villain's spot is the bar/restaurant First Draft.  While they haven't opened yet, we have heard that they're getting closer and closer.

If you want more info on First Draft they have pictures and info on their Facebook page.  They also have this post about from 12/17/13:

(Hat tip:  KW!)

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