Monday, January 6, 2014

New Moderator Will Help Monitor the Sloopin Message Board

It's a new year and with this comes time for reflection and change.

We're happy to announce that Sloop resident Jeannine K is going to be helping us monitor the Sloopin Message Board.  Generally speaking, here are some rules Jeannine is going to be monitoring:

  • Keep it clean. Strong language has no place here. You won’t be able to use profanities, racial slurs, or sexual innuendos. Posts containing these will be removed. 
  • Keep it respectful. Sloopin is a neighborhood community website that embraces different cultures, faiths, attitudes and points of view. Please be respectful of this. 
  • Keep it legal. We’ll delete posts defaming others, posting individual’s private information, plotting illegal activities, or posting other people’s private information, and ban the poster. 
  • Keep it on topic. Posts that strive to change the course of a topic may be removed.

Hopefully this won't be tough and hopefully this will encourage a more constructive conversation.

Thanks Jeannine and thanks to everyone for all the comments, suggestions, posts and pictures.  

Oh....and stay warm!

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