Thursday, August 15, 2013

First DRAFT (649 S. Clark) Plans for Early September Opening

First DRAFT, a new bar coming to 649 S. Clark (old Villain's space), is apparently shooting to open the first week of September according to their Facebook page:

We also received an email from a reader giving some additional information on
This was from a gal who used to work at The Lodge.
This is a message to everyone to let you all know that the majority owner of the Lodge has decided to get rid of Jimmy Borchers, the man who has spent 38 years creating and upholding the character of the place. 
I will be quitting as well. 
I didn't want any of you to come in and be totally surprised by this news. Most likely none of you will bother to ever go back as the Lodge, as we all knew and loved it, will NEVER be the same. 
Jimmy is working on opening a new place in the South Loop called First Draft, I will keep you all posted.
Make of that what you want, but regardless it looks like things are progressing at First DRAFT.

(Hat tip: MM & TRS!)

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