Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Blackhawks Win; Villians Bar & Grill Erupts!

If you haven't jumped on the Chicago Blackhawks Bandwagon yet, it's about time. Since we couldn't score tickets to the new mad house on Madison (aka The United Center) to watch game six of the Western Conference Semi-Finals contest between our beloved Hawks and the despised Vancouver Canucks, we headed up to Villian's bar and grill to catch the game. Most of the games in the series have been defensive battles, but not this one. All we can say is wow...what a game!

Villains Bar and Grill (649 S. Clark) was relatively empty (it was a Monday night) but the people who were there were intensely glued to the flat screens yelling, cheering, knocking over bar stools and muttering nonsensical hockey phrases (ie "pass theeee puuuuck...shoot...noooooo). It was a crazy game and a fun night with all the amusement of a 3 hour roller coaster. The capper was the amazing seventh goal scored by baby-faced, peach-fuzzed playoff beard superstar, Patrick Kane:

To top it off, the bar passed out shots of Jameson to celebrate the game...

What a goal! What a game! What a night!

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chicago office space said...

I was at a bar last night watching this. I'm definitely on the Hawks bandwagon now! Great game.