Friday, January 3, 2014

Revised Final 2013 Business Counter: +40 Net New Businesses in the Sloop

On January 1st we posted that there were a +39 net new businesses that opened in 2013 in the neighborhood.  After some further correspondence with readers we have revised the tally slightly based on the three newer developments below.  Short story is that the Sloop added +40 net new businesses in 2013!  Pretty good!

1)  Fleetwood (2333 S. Michigan) has officially opened.  Their website is functioning properly and their Facebook page confirms that they officially opened on December 22nd, 2013.  Looking forward to giving them a try.  It also looks like they will have live music occasionally.  For those of you wondering what the place looks like inside:
Via FleetWood's Facebook Page

2)  Sororitique (1932 S. Wabash) - Had their grand opening on December 15th.  The store's motto is "a boutique experience for the Soror".  We weren't exactly sure what that was, but apparently it's a sorority sister.  If you need some sorority gear you now know where to go!

3)  OYSY Sushi Closes (888 S. Michigan)
Via the Sloopin message board (locallady):
Just heard tomorrow (12/31) is their last day open. Apparently there will be a new tenant which will be a Chinese spot. Bummer. Sad to see one of the first places in the neighborhood close after 10 years.
We have also updated our official list from Jan 1st here.

(Hat tip:  DT and LL!)

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