Friday, January 3, 2014

Imazaki Dojo Moving to 1720 S. Michigan

A reader writes:
I was walking my dog on Michigan Avenue the other week and noticed that there were a few guys in the empty retail space at 1720 S Michigan Avenue (next to the cleaners). Last night, I was out for another walk and noticed a hand written sign in the window for "Imazaki Dojo" (see photo above) and it looked like some painting was going on inside. After Google searching it looks like the Dojo's current location is on 16th Street (Yelp) but their official website already has the new address listed: Not sure what their completion/moving date is though.

For some reason when we read this, we immediately thought of Rex Kwon Do:
But in all seriousness, glad to see them upgrading and glad to see this long empty retail space get a tenant.
(Hat tip:  LY!)

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