Thursday, January 16, 2014

Pockets and Kingoberry Close in Printers Row

A reader writes:
Unfortunate news. I noticed "Retail Space Available" signs today in both Pockets on Dearborn and Kingoberry (555 S. Dearborn). Does this mean that the Sloop has now lost two businesses? This isn't how we wanted the new year to begin.
To do this day, we've never met someone who liked Pockets.  As a disclaimer, I've never tried it so can't speak to the food quality.  Regardless, businesses closing in the neighborhood aren't a good thing.

Kingoberry opened back in 2010 and we assumed the owner also owned Pockets (since the two businesses were connected inside).  The fact that they both closed would make it seem like this was the case.

But as the saying goes, "someones misfortune, is someones opportunity".  These are some prime retail spaces, so hopefully something good moves in soon.

While the year is just starting, the fact that these two businesses closed means we're in the negative for the 2014 business counter.  Sigh.

(Hat tip: BBC!)

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