Friday, January 31, 2014

"Niu B" to Replace Shuttered OYSY Sushi on S. Michigan

As you might remember, a couple of weeks ago we got word that OYSY sushi (888 S. Michigan) closed its doors on 12/31/13.  At the time a reader had some intel that a "Chinese Spot" would be taking over.

While we still don't have the full story, it does appear that some form of an Asian restaurant will be opening up in the space (based on the reader submitted picture on the right).

Upon doing some searching we found that the Niu Japanese Fusion Lounge is in Streeterville at 332 E. Illinois.

We've never been, but have walked by a couple times and have been intrigued.  It has a 3.5 star rating on Yelp and has over 400 reviews.  So while it might not be the best rated restaurant in Chicago, that's a solid rating for that many reviews (IMO).

"Japanese Fusion" always makes us skeptical, but we're definitely willing to give them a shot.  Looking at the menu, it doesn't look terribly different than any other Asian restaurant in the area.

Will it be called "Niu B"?  Not sure.  Will it be similar to the restaurant in Streerville?  We would think so.  Should be interesting to see how it develops.

While we liked OYSY, we weren't super sad to see it go given the other Asian options that have sprung up in the neighborhood over the past couple of years (Umai, Kai, Asian Outpost).  It's always nice to see some fresh ideas come to the Sloop.

With that said, welcome "Niu B" - whatever you are.

(Hat tip: OI!)

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