Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Lingerie and Uniforms: Two New Clothing Options Coming to the Sloop?

Shopping (of the clothing variety) options in the Sloop continue to increase, but in our opinion continues to be underrepresented.

Well two new clothing stores are opening and while neither is what we would call "conventional" shopping options, at least one of them is interesting.

First off is Flirtatious Lingerie and Clubwear who is moving in at 1317 S. Michigan (the old Blink Eye Lash Studio space that closed in October).  This isn't a chain and as far as we can find they don't have a website or social media presence yet.  But one can assume that it will have lingerie and "stuff".

What is a bit confusing (for us at least) is the term clubwear.  What does that mean?  Maybe some "intimate" club like the South Loop's Pink Monkey (750 S. Clinton)?  Or are we talking about 50 Cent type of club?  Regardless, this gives us a chance to embed some 50:
Second up is a little less exciting.  Advance Uniform has apparently moved into 33 E. 13th street (between State and Wabash).  This space has been vacant for a long time.  Sloopin old timers might remember it as Kaw Kaw's Cigar Society which was evicted in 2009.
Anyway, if Advance Uniform sounds familiar it might be because you've walked by an old dilapidated looking building baring it's name at 1132 S. Wabash.  
Advance Uniform at 1132 S. Wabash moving down to 33 E. 13th Street?
Not sure if the new location is a second store front or maybe them moving out of the building at 1132 S. Wabash.  Anyone have the scoop?
(Hat tip: DK!)

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