Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Chipotle Slated to Open Today at 1132 S. Clinton

New Chipotle at 1132 S. Clinton
We've got a ton of emails over the past couple of months about the new Chipotle at 1132 S. Clinton.

It's been a fast buildout for the popular burrito spot and judging by this picture from a reader today is opening day:

While we have some good burrito/taco options in the neighborhood (see Flacos or Spanglish), Sloopers have been clamoring for a Chipotle in the neighborhood for awhile.  We even did a pole about in 2009 on where people thought it would be.

Anyway, good to have a Chipotle in the hood.  

(Hat tip: AK, KG, MT, JB, JC!)

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