Thursday, October 10, 2013

Don't Blink! Blink Lash Studio Closes; Activity at 1400 S. Michigan

A reader tipped us that the Blink Lash Studio, who opened at 1317 S. Michigan in January, has apparently closed.  We recently walked by and can confirm that is the case as there is nothing inside and for lease signs all over the front door and windows.

In other South Michigan retail news, there seems to be some action at the old space of Caring Hands Pet Spa (1400 S. Michigan):
Brown paper on the windows at the old Caring Hands Pet Spa (1400 S. Michigan)
We also some construction workers removing old drywall from the building.  Unfortunately the construction workers didn't know what was going in (or weren't willing to part with that information).  Does anyone have the scoop on this one?

Finally, Giordano's looks primed for their opening at 1340 South Michigan (last we heard they were shooting for late October opening).  Just across the street Piano Forte (1335 S. Michigan) has been hard at work on their buildout and seems to be making significant progress.

(Hat tip: JK!)

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