Friday, November 15, 2013

New Giordano's (1340 S. Michigan) Gets Food License and is Open

We've received a lot of emails asking about when the Giordano's at 1340 S. Michigan would open.  Well a reader recently sent us a link to a post on that sheds some light on the topic:
The city of Chicago issued a new retail food establishment license on Nov. 7 to South Loop Pizza LLC, doing business as Giordano’s Restaurant.
The business license for a location at 1340 S. Michigan Ave. in the Near South Side lists a license payment start date of Nov. 7, expiring on Nov. 15, 2015.
We walked by last night and can officially say they're open.

Of interest is that the article goes on to discuss the origin of deep-dish pizza:
Giordano’s is an American pizza shop and Italian eatery chain based in Chicago. Giordano’s, founded by Efren and Joseph Boglio in 1974, is famous for Chicago-style stuffed deep-dish pizza. Although the claim is argued by Nancy’s, Giordano’s is generally credited with the creation of stuffed pizza, based on the Boglios’ mother’s recipe for Italian Easter pie.

Ironically this coincides with a segment from the Daily Show where John Stewart rips Chicago-Style Deep-Dish Pizza:

Finally if that's not enough for your reading pleasure this Friday, the website provides some background on the "Near South Side" and provides the following:
The Near South Side, absorbed into Chicago in 1853, was the site of the 1933-34 World’s Fair and has been home to Native American tribes, blue collar workers, public housing and a warehouse district. The area is currently experiencing rapid residential gentrification.
Oh gentrification - the word that is sooooo controversial.  If you want to read more on our thoughts here is a post from 2009.  We will leave it at that.

(Hat tip:  RG!)

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