Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Bureau Bar Opens and So Does Clothing Boutique on East 16th Street

The Bureau Bar has finally opened at 75 e. 16th street (the old Three Peas art lounge space).  It hasn't been easy, but the owners persevered and are finally open.  As you may remember the bar was having issues securing a liquor license because of neighbors in the building objecting.  We haven't been to the bar since it's opened, but are looking forward to trying it out.

Just a couple stores to the west it looks like a new clothing boutique has quickly popped up.

While we don't know the name of the boutique, we can confirm that it's open.  We also searched the City of Chicago website, but couldn't find their business license (however we might have just missed it).

Anyway, a reader sent us this info on the spot:
There is a new store that has opened on 16th between Michigan and Wabash in the old upscale shoe store spot next to the Abyss salon and the nail place. I haven't quite figured out what the story is because the hours are odd, but there are a bunch of tee shirts displayed in a pretty sparse looking shop. 
I spoke with the owner of the spot (former owner of the now defunct shoe store that was there) when he was waiting for the guys to come collect keys a few weeks ago and he confirmed that info. He also mentioned something about geeky tees, and I am wondering if the place is maybe a new outpost for fashion geek 2k10 clothing, which seems to have sloop roots.  
Anyway, I'll send more info if I can catch the guys but thought it should be on your business counter radar.

Interesting.  First off, we're not sure what Fashion Geek 2K10 clothing is but they do have a Facebook page (however the last post was in 2011).  Second, best of luck to whatever new business this is.

Does anyone have any additional info?

(Hat tip: EB and JB!)

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