Friday, November 8, 2013

Old News but Cali's Mexican American Grill is Closed in Motor Row

To stay true to our business counter we wanted to do a quick post on Cali's Mexican American Grill in Motor Row (2333 S. Michigan).

As you may recall they opened without much fanfare in late 2012.  From what we could tell people were generally pleased with the quality of the food, but beyond that there was not much to write home about.

Fast forward to a recent trip down to Motor Row and we noticed that their retail space was gone.  Upon trying to call them, the phone was disconnected.  The nail in coffin was Yelp confirming they're closed.

Judging that it's probably been awhile since they've been open and we never heard a peep about this place closing, most Sloopsters clearly aren't missing Cali's Mexican American Grill.

Does anyone know when they closed?

Regardless, the business counter has been updated.

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