Friday, November 1, 2013

Bridgeport Coffee Company Ready for Brewing in Center of Roosvelt Collection

Bridgeport Coffee Company at Roosevelt Collection (via Bridgeport Coffee Company website)

Momentum for retail at Roosevelt Collection continues as Bridgeport Coffee Company has officially opened their doors at Roosevelt Collection.  This is their third location.  The original is in Bridgeport (surprise!) and their second is in Hyde Park.

The new Bridgeport Coffee Company space is the only retail space located in the middle plaza at the shopping mall.  It's not a huge space, but seems like a good spot for a coffee shop.  We also presume that they will have a nice patio for outdoor seating with a fire pit (where people are standing in the picture above).

We've never had their coffee, but plan to shortly.

For those counting, this is the tenth store to open at Roosevelt Collection.  We've also updated our 2013 business tracker.

In other Roosevelt Collection news, it appears that Ann Taylor Loft is progressing nicely.  They have signs up and have maintained that they're opening in November...which just so happens to be this month!

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