Saturday, November 2, 2013

Kai Sushi Temporarily Closed at 1255 S. State

Chicago Fire Roll & Sakura Blossom Roll at Kai Sushi (1255 S. State)

A reader writes:
We loved Kai Sushi! But seems like something is up there. We’ve tried to do carry out twice now in the last couple of weeks. . . first time they said they were having plumbing problems, second time no one answered. Have they already closed?
We've been by a couple times and there has been no signs of life.  We recently called and did talk to someone and they let us know that they were "temporarily closed due to management change".  They did say that they will reopen, but they weren't sure when.  We will believe it when we see it.

Kai has received pretty solid reviews according to Yelp (4.5 stars) since opening in mid-July.  We've been a couple times and like the quality of the food.  On the flip side, the service has been inconsistent and that's probably being generous.  It seems like they were never fully staffed.  However, thanks to the BYOB we never really cared.

(Hat tip: GM!)

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