Thursday, November 7, 2013

E-Cigarette Store, Smoque Vapors, Opens in Printers Row

Smoque Vapors on Dearborn
It seems like everywhere we go, we hear and see someone talking about electronic cigarettes.

Well now we have an opportunity to post about it here on Sloopin.  A couple different readers sent us pictures and tips on a new store called Smoque Vapors opening at 537 S. Dearborn:
Walked by 537 S. Dearborn today and saw this space being worked on. Sign in the window and business license says it's going to be one of these: (another location at 2900 N Broadway).

Sort of bummed because I got my hopes up that it would be a second location of that Smoque BBQ place out by Ohare. I can dream right?
BBQ sounds delicious...but that dream will have to wait.

Anyway, back to Smoque Vapors.  This is their second location (original is in Lakeview and has 4.5 star rating on Yelp) and according to their website:
Smoque Vapours is a Chicago based purveyor of electronic cigarettes and artisanal E-Liquids. Our 2 store fronts are located in the neighborhoods of Lakeview and downtown in historic Printer's Row. Our stores feature courtesy Vapour Lounges, where our customers can stop by and sample our complete range of hand crafted E-Liquids.
The motivation behind Smoque was the desire to help you find a healthier way to enjoy the pleasures of smoking. Our products allow you to truly enjoy the smoking experience in sensation, feel, and effect, while at the same time negating the undesirable and dangerous aspects of traditional smoking. We work closely with all of our customers and find great satisfaction in helping them find the E-Liquid smoking setup that best suits their individual tastes and needs.
If that's not enough info, they have a video that gives you a taste of what they're about:

So you can get "custom clean juice" here...interesting way to refer to your product.

Anyway, best of luck to Smoque Vapors and welcome to the hood.

(Hat tip:  KB, SC, TR!)

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