Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Any Scoop on the "Rezko Lot"?

A reader wants more scoop:
Any other news about Mayor Emmanuel’s interest in the Rezko lot (lot bounded by Roosevelt, 16th, Clark and the river)? 
I think there was pressure for the local alderman to engage the planning commission to change the zoning? I’ve heard rumors that the city may want to use the parcel for a casino? Or is the old post office being planned as the site for the casino?
This is all speculation, but people like to talk.  Here a couple old Sloopin posts (zoning and city buy)  and message board posts on the topic.

We really hope this doesn't happen, but maybe someone else knows something.

For some reason we envision it becoming a residential neighborhood like Dearborn park I or II.  Not sure why, but we do.

(Hat tip:  AD!)

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