Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Posting Changes to Comments and Message Board

As always, we are constantly looking for ways to improve Sloopin.  It's an evolution and hopefully you like where we've been and where we're going.  Your emails, pictures, comments and kind words have made this site what it is today.  Thanks!

With that said, we're implementing some new changes to better facilitate discussion on Sloopin.

Comments in Posts on Sloopin
If you read Sloopin, you might remember that we implemented a commenting widget called Disqus back in April.  Moving forward we are changing our commenting permissions to the following:

  • "Registered Guests" can comment on posts and will not have to have their comments approved by a moderator.  To register on Disqus, please click here.
  • "Guests" are allowed to comment on posts, however their posts will have to be approved by a moderator to get published.

Sloopin Message Board
We introduced the Sloopin Message Board in August of 2012 and had over 300+ topics posted.  This is awesome!

In an attempt to make the space more functional and productive, we're going to limit posting to registered users.  We already have over 100 active registered users on our board (which runs on Nabble).  Registering is pretty simple and can be done here.

Anyone will be able to read the Sloopin Message Board, but you will need to register to create a topic and post on the board.

Thanks for the support! 

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