Monday, August 12, 2013

"Restaurant" Built in a Day - Probably for a Movie at 23rd and Michigan

We got two bizarre emails from readers recently:
I live in the motor row lofts and noticed some new construction on the NW corner of michigan and 23rd. There was just a parking lot there Friday evening, when I went out. And when I came back Sunday afternoon, there was a structure put up, and a lot of people were busy working on it. They've stationed a security guard at the site at all times. Also, it doesn't look like they put in a proper foundation. Just started putting up walls and a roof. Any ideas on what this construction is for? And why they were working all day Sunday to get it done?
I've attached pictures from this morning.

Well that's strange.  However, a different reader sent us this note shortly after:
Looks like they are shooting a movie on motor row. They built a restaurant in a couple days. Any idea what is being filmed there?
So we've narrowed it down to a restaurant set being built for a movie, but couldn't find much more.  The only thing we know of that's shooting in Chicago (according to the city's what's filming now website) is Divergent (aka Catbird).  Does anyone know anything else?

(Hat tip: SR & JL!)

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