Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Divvy Station at Roosevelt/Wabash Deemed "High Usage"

For some reason the Divvy bike sharing program has got our attention.  We like biking.  We like progressive city planning.  And we've liked that the Divvy program is in the Sloop.

Now that the program has been out for two months, more data continues to pour out.  The Chicago Tribune had an article yesterday titled: "Getting Around: Divvy bike-sharing program catching on in Chicago".

Lots of good reading for those interested in the program.  We wanted to post that the Roosevelt/Wabash Divvy station got a shout out:
Some of the busier Divvy bike-docking stations are clustered near CTA and Metra stations, which suggests that some commuters are incorporating Divvy into their transit trips downtown. No studies have been conducted to verify or pinpoint travel patterns, CDOT officials said, adding that the Divvy rollout will first be completed before conducting any in-depth analysis.  
The preliminary data show that the busier Divvy stations near transit stops include the one at Clinton Street and Washington Boulevard, outside Ogilvie Transportation Center. It ranked No. 12 overall for the number of trips started from that location, almost 3,000, city transportation records show.  
High-use Divvy stations near CTA rail stations include those at Michigan Avenue and Lake Street; Wabash Avenue and Roosevelt Road; and Canal Street and Jackson Boulevard, at the south entrance to Union Station, records show.

Slightly surprising, but maybe it's also due to the amount of tourists who get off at Roosevelt CTA to go to Museum Campus?  Just a hypothesis.

The Tribune also had this interesting chart showcasing usage numbers:
Should be curious to see how the program adoption rate continues.

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