Monday, August 19, 2013

Mani/Pedi Success at Izabella's

A contributor to the blog recently tried out the new salon, Izabella's (1316 S. Michigan):
I was very excited about the addition of Izabella’s to the neighborhood; I walk by it on my way home each day and saw the hard work that was being put into it in order for them to open. So naturally, a week after they opened I scheduled a mani/pedi for myself and my sister and a facial for both of us as well. 
We were taken to our mani/pedis pretty much right on time and they were done really well…my feet felt great afterwards and actually still do (you never know how good things will turn out with sandal weather and how hard we are on our feet in the summer). 
My sister and I were both very happy with our mani/pedis; they took their time, didn’t rush us along and did a nice job. They were $30 each, because they were running a special for the new opening. We each got facials that same day and walked out of there feeling like a million bucks. 
The facial was for 50 minutes and she did different things for each of us, obviously, according to what our skin needed. The facials were each $72 (again, running a special because of the new opening).  They are usually $90 each. My face and trouble spots have really seen a difference and continue to look great. I would highly recommend people try Izabella’s for themselves. 
On a side note: I even went back a week later and got my haircut and blown out, amazing and only $30!!!  I have nothing but good things to say about them (the place and the people who work there)…I am very glad they are in the neighborhood. Welcome to the Sloop!
(Hat tip: N!)

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