Friday, August 9, 2013

Acadia's McCaskey Outlines His Sloop Favorites

We recently read a post on Serious Eats Chicago about Ryan McCaskey's (owner of fine dining establishment Acadia) favorite spots in the Sloop.

It's worth a read as it gives you tips on where to find the best milkshakes, coffee, burger, pizza, Thai, Vietnamese, BBQ Duck and sandwhich in our neighborhood.

While we don't agree with them all, his Thai recommendation is spot on:
Thai: Opart Thai on State Street. They're really good and have one of my favorite Thai dishes, I think it's called Tiger Cry or Crying Tiger. It's marinated beef that's grilled and served with cucumbers and this kind of sweet and vinegary spicy sauce. It's an appetizer, but oh my gosh, I could eat plates of it.

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