Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sloop Resident Swims Across Lake Michigan for Cancer Research

A Slooper emails us for his great cause and cool event:
I'm a long-time South Loop resident (since 1999), and I volunteer as the Event Chair for Swim Across America Chicago. We use swimming events to raise money for cancer research at Rush University Cancer Center in Chicago. We held two events this year, a beach swim on July 20th at Ohio Street Beach, which had 260 swimmers, and a Swim Across Lake Michigan relay this past weekend, which involved 19 swimmers. I did both swims. So far, the two events have raised more than $390,000. 
The Swim Across Lake Michigan event was the first of it's kind. It was an amazing and unique event. We departed Friday evening at 7:15 from 31st street beach and arrived in Michiana, MI on Saturday evening around 6 pm.  We swim about 45 miles in total.
For more background, you can check out this: 
TV segment from last month
Or this
CBS Radio segment from this spring 
David McClellan
Swim Across America
Chicago Event Chair

Cool stuff and congrats.  Here is the TV Segment for those interested:

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Great Cause!!!