Friday, May 27, 2011

South Loop is Not a Hipster Neighborhood?

This is probably expected by most, but remember the South Loop is home to Columbia College which must be the biggest hipster producing school in Chicago.

Anyway Urban Turf had a recent post ranking the top ten hipster neighborhoods based on results from Yelp and Twitter. Not surprisingly, Wicker Park, Logan Square and Bucktown were the top three neighborhoods:
One would argue that the South Loop is too expensive to be an enclave for Hipsters and that's probably true. Regardless, if it's during the school year and you're north of Roosevelt you might argue.

One last thing to leave you being a hipster friendly neighborhood a good or bad thing? When we talk to people the term "hipster" seems to have a negative connotation. We know plenty of people that probably could be classified as hipsters but would never think of themselves as hipsters. Anyway, would be curious to hear your thoughts.

Also remember that 2010 was the year of the sloopster...

(Hat tip: Curbed Chicago)
(Image from: Urban Turf)


Anonymous said...

Hate hipsters, glad the Sloop isn't their thing. Who wants a bunch of resale shops and bars that only sell PBR.

And if I were a hipster I'd totally pick the Sloop. Just for the irony of course.

Anonymous said...

A neighborhood with no dining, shopping, or entertainment options isn't "hip" for anyone.

Also, the comment that "the South Loop is probably too expensive for hipsters" is too funny! Do you actually think that Wicker Park and Bucktown top the list because they are "cheap"? Not quite.

Tim said...

Maybe Sloopy meant that there are not enough resale shops for them in the South Loop. Hipsters can survive in areas of expensive housing due to a combination of such establishments, pockets of substandard housing, and wealthy parents. If I had to pick a label for the South Loop, it would probably be "yuppie" rather than hipster.

Anonymous said...

I find this strange being that Reggie's is the new hipster hangout. There's just not enough taverns serving PBR's... and the South Loop still believed to be 'dangerous' to these suburban/outta state kids in tight pants. Mom and dad tell them to avoid the southside because the local news says everyone is shooting each other there... somebody's gotta pay the rent so what the parents' says, goes.
Anyway, there's just way too many families in the SL to be considered "hip".

Anonymous said...

Not sure which people you are talking to, but I don't find the term hipster to be negative. Sadly, we left the Southloop because we found it to be very sterile and are paying a little more for our apartment in Pilsen but love itso much here. We are in our 30s with a kid and don't really label ourselves as anything except people who enjoy culture...the Southloop has a lot of work to do in that area. That being said, the Southloop does have great things to offer....perhaps the best thing about living in the Southloop is the great views and location and Yolk :)

Anonymous said...

There aren't ANY shops in the south loop, re-sale or otherwise.

And while I detest the "douchie hipsters" that are prevalent on the north side, having trendy bars, shops, and restaurants in your neighborhood isn't a bad thing!

Anonymous said...

Also, there are TONS of families in Logan Square, Wicker Park, and Bucktown. Probably way more than there are in the Sloop (due in large part to the proximity to the gang-infested kiling zones just south and west of the Sloop).

Anonymous said...

A few thoughts on a south loop hipster ie Columbia College students in our case

A south loop hipster has jeans that resemble spanks, cost two hundred dollars and has irregular showering habits

A south loop hipster listens to David Bowie and drinks bad beer because they feel obligated

God bless them and all of their emotional angst

Anonymous said...

Well Logan Square has a very active gang problem right in the neighborhood, shootings and all, so not sure how that squares with Anon @5:33 PM. Oh, and you forgot the clarion call ENGLEWOOD ENGLEWOOD. That seems to be the fave of those who think the South Loop is doomed because it's on the South Side.

Anonymous said...

damn hipsters!