Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Get Your 2010 Sloopin T-Shirt!

It has been a long time in the making, but the 2010 Sloopin t-shirt is finally here! As you might remember "The Year of the Sloopster" shirt won and we have spent some time improving the design of the t-shirt. Hope you like it:
By buying the shirt you won't only be the coolest kid on the block, you will also be helping our lovely blog. As a reminder, the proceeds will go to a project we're trying to fund which will include some new features that we know you will love.

So you're probably wondering how do I buy the shirt? You can get the shirt five different ways:

1) Chef Luciano's (49 E. Cermak) - $15
A South Loop icon that has been holding down the fort in the neighborhood for a long time will be selling our t-shirt. They will also be giving people who buy the shirt or wear the shirt to their restaurant a free dessert. So go get the shirt and enjoy some great food!

2) Smiling Bright/Posture Perfect Pilates (1247 S. Wabash) - $15
The great people at Smiling Bright & Posture Perfect Pilates will also be selling our shirt and yes they will also be giving discounts to their services. Buy a shirt or wear a shirt to their store and you will receive 10% off of your teeth whitening service or your purchase of a pilates package.

3) Jimmy Green's Tavern (825 S. State) - $15
This new hot spot in the Sloop graciously offered to help us out as well. They will be offering 20% off of your food if you buy a shirt or wear a shirt into their restaurant. So get a shirt and check out this new spot!

4) Email us & we will send you a Pay Pal request - $21 (includes shipping and Pay Pal fees)
Being a website and all we figure we need to at least provide you with an opportunity to buy the shirt via the web, so this is one way you can do it. Simply email us at sloopin@gmail.com and we can coordinate your size and shipping address. We will send you a Pay Pal request, you pay, and then we will ship your shirt! It's that simple.

5) eBay - $22 (includes shipping and eBay fees)
Yes eBay is simple, but they charge us money to sell stuff on their site. Regardless some people love eBay, so you can buy the shirt their too (click here to go to eBay link).

So there you have it, the Sloopin Shirt is here! Buy it, support Sloopin, represent your hood, and also save money at some spots around the Sloop!

Thanks for buying a shirt and thanks to our partners for selling the shirt!


Anonymous said...

Nice! What brand tshirt is this made on? Also - are there both women and men sizes?

Sloopy said...

They're Gildan Shirts, which seem to be pretty good judging by the couple of times we've worn them.

We don't have womens and mens sizes unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

I recently bought a shirt in a small (I am a woman) and it fits perfectly!

Anonymous said...

I got my Sloopin T shirt at Jimmy Green's! And, if you wear it there you get 20% off your food order. And, the food is pretty darn good!

Miguel Torres said...

funny that It looks like a Google+ circle :)