Sunday, May 8, 2011

Flavor 180 Menu is Odd...but the Food is Solid!

In a nutshell, Flavor 180 at 1511 S. State is an eclectic eatery offering fairly original and healthy food at a reasonable price.

It's a standard small restaurant setup: well lit, with a good number of small tables arranged in a store front. The kitchen is open and right behind the counter. Food is cooked to order, and while this makes things take a bit longer than say, McDonalds, the results are worth it. It's probably not some place you'd take a date, but it's fine for lunch or dinner after a neighborhood walk. And, given that they're open until 9PM, it's a place to grab something to bring home on those nights where you don't feel like cooking.

The expression "Changing the Face of Fast Food" graces the menu, and I wondered what that meant. Apparently it means "no beef." That's right, the menu is completely beef-free, though this is never expressly stated. The fare is divided into "naughty" and "nice." "Nice" is mostly turkey or fish based, but very eclectic. Turkey hot dogs (Chicago style), turkey tacos, and turkey bolognese with pasta are a few of the items. On the fish side of things, there are tilapia tacos and grilled salmon.

The "naughty" side of things includes "sweet heat salmon burgers," mango jerk wings, catfish nuggets and the ethnically diverse "Asian cajun turkey burger."

Sides are available, and include turkey spaghetti and turkey nachos, as well as french fries and sweet potato fries.

Chicken is also available but only on two dishes: mango jerk chicken wings and a chicken breast sandwich.

I chose the tilapia tacos. They were served in a soft whole wheat taco, and having been made fresh right in front of me, they were warm and juicy. With a soda, my total came to $7.25 before tax. Staff was very friendly, and they offer catering as well. There are also some Flavor 180 trucks driving about, presumably offering food downtown.

Pricing seemed a bit odd to me. Three turkey tacos is only $6.95, but turkey bolognese with pasta is $13.95.

According to the website (, Flavor 180 was started by "an eclectic group of business savvy foodies." While I think the menu is odd, the food was delicious and I'll be back. Pro Tip: there is limited free parking inside the building. Look for a small entry on State St. near the restaurant.

Flavor 180
1511 S. State St

Mon-Sat 12PM-9PM

(A special hat tip to JW for submitting this review as a guest blog post...hopefully he will continue to contribute!)


Anonymous said...

the food and service is great!! mango jerk wings are addictive. check it out!

Ben Meyerson said...

Hey all, for a bit more background on Flavor180 check this piece I wrote for Chicago Journal before the grand opening.

The owners offer a bit more background on the restaurant's slogan and its goal.

frank said...

Anyone venture into the new BBQ joint on the corner of cermak and state st. The space used to be a pizza place that was kinda sketchy. I drove by and noticed a new sign and new interior.

Jeff Wagg said...

I'm afraid I've stopped going there. Too many bad experiences with orders being wrong, general confusion in the store, and finally, the food wasn't good a few times. Sorry, I really wanted this to be a favorite.

Anonymous said...

we have had the complete opposite experience...everytime we order, the food and service has been solid..we probably go every other week. the bbq is pretty good too. we have been their twice and i have been pleased with the chicken. don't let the location deter you.