Thursday, May 26, 2011

More Signs of Life at Old Orange Space on Harrison

A reader writes:

It may be worth a short posting to note that there is finally work happening in the old Orange space on Harrison. All the windows are covered with heavy paper so it’s hard to see, but by peeping through a couple holes it’s clear that the entire space is gutted, bar is gone, the old tile floor is gone, we’re talking down to the studs front to back. No “coming soon” signs, however.

Not sure what this is, but about two months ago we got a similar email (with pictures) and we also spoke with some friends who live in Printers Row. It definitely sounds like something is going on...if anyone knows please share.

(Hat tip: JM!)


Anonymous said...

I hope it's something awesome! I live in the Printer's Square Condos, and I'd love a restaurant to go in there. I just hope that it's not turning into an office, since the that's what the first floor of 600-780 consists of.


Anonymous said...

What's odd is there isn't any kind of work permit posted on the windows, which you usually see when this type of thing is going on, but then I'm not that familiar with when they're required. Just remember seeing them when this kind of activity has gone on before.

Anonymous said...

About time. Orange was always packed (on the weekends). With Gourmond also gone for at least a year, it's time for some new places to eat. Pockets sucks IMHO.

Anonymous said...

There is a building permit on the inside entrance to that space. It says the permit is only for demolition.

Not sure if that means they are getting it ready for another tenant or they finally decided to clean up what Orange left behind.