Friday, May 20, 2011

Chicago Code Fans Rally to Save the Show

Last week we found out that the Chicago Code was getting cancelled. Most people would say this didn't come as a surprise, but some were still upset (check out the comment section of the old post).

It sounds like a Tribune writer and many others had the same reaction. Some fans of the show have even created facebook pages to try to save it:

By day, Michelle Ford is a mild-mannered worker at the University of Chicago's student counseling center.

But at night? She's a warrior for "The Chicago Code."

"HOW DARE THEY CANCEL THIS SHOW!" she wrote on her facebook page
on Monday night as the Fox show wound toward its harrowing climax. "They better not replace it with some ... crap!"

The matter of the fact is that this show probably isn't coming back and the "crap" Michelle references is probably a lot cheaper to produce than a drama in Chicago.

Regardless, ratings were up 12% last week against the A18-49 demo. Maybe there will be a second life for this show...

Don't hold your breathe.

1 comment:

South Loop Joe said...

They were filming this on Wabash
between 8th and 9th streets last night. I noticed one of the crew had a jacket that had "THE CHICAGO CODE -SEASON ONE" on it.
It seemed optimistic but I
couldn't help but chuckle.