Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sloopy the Falcon

If you're a loyal reader from way back in 2009, you may remember a post we did for the Field Museum asking residents to keep their eyes open for the Peregrine Falcon.

Not mentioned in that post was that Stephanie was going to name one of the Falcon's Sloopy. Well we just received an nice note from her last week:

Hi guys,

I am the Field Museum employee working with the Chicago Peregrine Falcon Program. You guys helped us out a great deal in 2009 when we were looking for the whereabouts of the south loop pair.

First off, they are nesting again this year. They have two chicks and everyone seems healthy! Second, in 2009, we named one of the Broadway nest's females in honor of Sloopin -- Sloopy. We wanted to name one of the South Loop chicks Sloopy, but the building they nested on had dibs on the names. Anyway,as it turns out, Sloopy is a new mother. She's nesting at a lime plant down in Indiana.

We often don't hear anything about our chicks after they leave the nest, so it's really gratifying for us when they are spotted and ID'din those years after. It's spectacularly more gratifying when we hear they actually have a territory of their own and are adding to the population.

Guess it was good mojo to name her Sloopy!


Good to hear and thanks for the update!

(Hat tip: SW!)


Anonymous said...

How wonderful that Sloopy had babies!

Anonymous said...

Way to go steph!