Friday, May 20, 2011

Daleys Moving Out of the Sloop?

So much for the speedy snow removal from Indiana Ave...according to an article in the Chicago Sun-Times, the Daleys have listed their townhouse in the Sloop:

Sneed hears former Mayor Richard M. Daley and wife, Maggie, are putting their South Loop house, which they reportedly bought for $400,000 about 15 years ago, on the market for a reported $1 million plus.

Background: Mrs. Daley, who has been heroically battling metastatic breast cancer for several years, has a difficult time climbing stairs, and the couple has been living in a downtown apartment more conducive to that issue.

Not sure if a downtown apartment means one in the Sloop or one somewhere else. Regardless, sad to hear this news. Although many people have many different feelings towards our old mayor, he was definitely instrumental in the South Loop's rise.

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Josh said...

Hi Sloopy,

A comment in secondcitycop a few days ago seemed to confirm this information. I think the Daleys are living in the 800 block of north Michigan or something like that, close to Northwestern hospital. The same comment said Maggie can't climb stairs.

Also, although I'm not in Chicago anymore much, I heard from a Chicago-area hospital administrator that word was that Maggie Daley is terminal, and she's already lasted longer than expected.

Lastly, police on secondcitycop are complaining about the two units still assigned to the Daley's south loop townhouse.