Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Roosevelt Road Serves Neighborhood Well


Anonymous said...

Just because I like maps... what I know of as the official documented area of the Sloop is:
North Boundary: 300 S @ Jackson
South Boundary: 1200 S @ Roosevelt
East Boundary: 100 E @ Michigan
West Boundary: ~400 W @ Chicago River

BUT developments has pushed the Sloop down to ~18th or further south... creating what we could call the "greater Sloop area." Maybe we should call everything South of Roosevelt the South South Loop? SSLoop. Kidding (about the SSL that is)

Jeff Wagg said...

Since I moved here are few months ago, I've been trying to figure out the neighborhoods south of Roosevelt. And... it seems impossible. No one agrees where the South Loop begins and the Near South Side ends, or if they're the same place... or overlap.. or what. Wikipedia suggests that the South Loop could extend even into Chinatown.,_Chicago#South_Loop

And in another article, it clearly shows that Roosevelt is the Northern boundary of the Near South Side,_Chicago

The folks I've talked to who've lived in Dearborn II for over 10 years say "everyone has their own boundaries." That appears to be accurate.

In the end, it doesn't matter. Sloopin covers news and stuff on the area I'm interested in, and that's good enough for me.

Anonymous said...

Yes it does have a lot. But, it's all big box stores. It's nice to have some stores such as target or home depot. But, it doesn't have a community feel when it comes to shopping. Like North Halsted where you want to walk down the street and just window shop. Roosevelt lacks charm.