Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"Underemployed" Filming in the Sloop

A reader writes:

I was driving down South State Street today just north of Cermak (between Reggie's and the post office) and there were tons of trailers lining the streets. They looked a lot like the type of trailers they bring in when a movie is being filmed. Do you know of any details on this?

We didn't find anything about this on, but another blog (South Loop Connection) has a post on the topic. It appears that MTV is filming a new comedy called "underemployed":

MTV is prepping its next pilot - a single-camera comedy about 5 twentysomethings in Chicago from Dirty Sexy Money creator Craig Wright.

We also saw some trucks on Harrison and Wabash yesterday, so maybe they were all over the South Loop.

(Hat tip: EW!)


Kirsten said...

I was on the set of this MTV Pilot the past two days and they have been filming all over the South Loop, Loop, and Gold Coast area and will be wrapping this week. I hope it gets picked up, it looks like it's going to be a great show.

Here's the imbd details:

Anonymous said...

i strongly disagree with kirsten.

we don't need another reality show about people nobody should care about. how this phenomenon ever caught on is beyond my comprehension. all it did was make people want to become "reality" stars. being an asshole on TV shouldn't be a job.

i don't want our neighborhood dragged into this disgrace of popular culture.

tayiah said...

If this show is about undremployement, then why is it being shot in the golad coast and the loop? Unless the 20 somethings are looking for employment in the many businesses, which is missing in their south side neighborhoods.

Anonymous said...

This isn't a reality show. If you notice, the actors have acting experience and aren't even from Chicago. It's just a comedy being filmed here.

tayiah said...

oh, ok, I thought it was a reality show.

Stephen Reginald said...

Thanks for mentioning South Loop Connection.