Friday, May 6, 2011

Shooting Unfortunate on Two Fronts

You never like to hear about shootings (unless it's of a notorious terrorist), but today's shooting in the loop gave our neighborhood an unnecessary black eye in the headlines again.

The headline in the Chicago Sun-Times today reads:
Co-worker finds man found shot dead in South Loop liquor store

We read about the shooting on other websites and obviously this hit close to home, but it was at 234 S. Wabash. This isn't the South Loop. This may be the south portion of "The Loop", but it's not the same.

Something similar happened in February of 2010 when a shooting took place at Cactus Bar & Grill (404 S. Wells). In our mind this isn't in the Sloop, but it's more debatable than 234 S. Wabash.

We're not trying to invoke a boarder discussion again, we just hate seeing a headline like this bringing negative attention and perception to the neighborhood.


Rash said...

It appears that the headline has been changed.

Co-worker finds man found shot dead, robbed in Loop liquor store
SUN-TIMES MEDIA WIRE May 6, 2011 11:50AM

Anonymous said...

Looks like they corrected their mistake.

Anonymous said...

I think you should delete this as the article does not say "South Loop"..unless I missed something?

Anonymous said...

It's the South Loop. Sloopin' is for shooters!

Anonymous said...

Oh good lord.

South Loop == South part of the Loop == South of the Loop.

You may see this as a popular confusion; I see this as a simple, straightforward parsing of language. If people from Oak Park, Hyde Park, Rogers Park and Lincoln Park all see this as "South Loop", then it IS South Loop. End of story.

bogo said...

Link to the article still says "south-loop"

Anonymous said...

Trust me, in the eyes of everyone else in the civilized world, from River North to Lakeview, and from the southwest to the northern suburbs, this shooting took place in our neighborhood. As did the 5 reported shootings which took place in Bronzeville and Englewood last night alone. Whether or not we ever agree on the Sloop's boarder, this is how people from ALL OVER perceive the ENTIRE south side, the Sloop included. With every shooting in a "surrounding area," your property value takes a further hit. Trust me. Moreover, every potential merchant/restauranter lumps the sloop into that same "south side trouble zone," which plays a huge role in the fact that we have practically zero dining and entertainment options compared to other neighborhoods in the city. The fact that merchants are now turning up dead at their businesses isn't going to help fill the vacancies.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm.A man is killed vs. headline might be construed as it happened in our neighborhood. You really wanna equate those things?

Anonymous said...

the sky is falling!

Cherise said...

"You never like to hear about shootings (unless it's of a notorious terrorist)..."

Come on, Sloopin. That was tasteless.

On a related note, was this post from a new writer? Overall composition was somewhat sloppier than usual.

South Loop Joe said...

I saw this man almost everyday.
I spoke with him briefly 3-5 times a
week. I live in Dearborn Park and work near his shop. I considered it a
local shop, And him a neighbor.
His Name was Ed by the way and he cared for a lot of people. He lived
down by 71st not far from South Shore
cultural center.

Anonymous said...

man. you're a heartless asshole who only cares about how the shooting of a man who served his community for 20 years is going to affect your property values. i think you should delete this blog entry just based on tastelessness alone. gross.

Anonymous said...

This breaks my heart. Ed sounds like a wonderful human being. My prayers are with his family. I hope they find some peace in the fact that he was loved and respected by so many.