Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tekka Don at Ma & I: Great Presentation, but Not the Best Tuna Dish

We're huge fans of Ma & I (1234 S. Michigan) and go there often. When I'm in the mood for raw or seared tuna, I always opt for the 'Sear Tuna Salad' which is probably one of my favorite dishes in the South Loop. But for some reason I thought it was time to try something new. Still craving tuna, the 'Tekka Don' (which is described as Tuna Sashimi over sushi rice) entree sparked some interest. I asked the waitress what to expect, but she didn't give me the clearest explanation. Regardless, it went for it anyway. As the entree came out, my first impression was 'wow! talk about food presentation!':

This picture probably doesn't do justice to the dish's presentation, but if you look at the Tuna it was cut and contorted in the shape of a rose. Although I'm not sure how difficult this is to do, it seemed very impressive to everyone at the table.

However, besides the presentation the dish was just OK in my opinion. The tuna was tender and of good quality, but the overall dish just wasn't my favorite. If you're in mood for a Tuna dish that has a stunning presentation go for the 'Tekka Don' dish, if not go for the 'Sear Tuna Salad'. It's better and will save you a couple bucks!

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