Saturday, March 6, 2010

Two South Loop Bars in the Final Four

Time to represent the hood. It looks like Reggie's and Kroll's have made it to the final four of a Heineken Light bar bracket. Voting ends tomorrow, so get your vote in now!

(Hat Tip LH!)
(Image from ESPN)


Unknown said...

This poll has been disputed over the last few weeks. Kroll's (a Green Bay, WI tavern) has been pulling out last minute victories over the past two weeks. It is very strange how they have been able compete against heavily popular some of Chicago's most classic bars such as Bernie's and Glascott's.
The fact that they have been racking up so many votes on the final days of each weekly contest is questionable to say the least!

Anon(SC) said...

Reggies & Krolls !! Based on the site, it looks like BOTH Bars will hold back-to-back Espn 1000 kick-off to March Madness parties. When the details come out, please support our bars.

Anonymous said...

You guys are retards! This is a bullshit promotional campaign with zero validity . . . it's nothing more than a new version of the "Bud vs. Bud Light" Super Bowl ads.

My prediction: Heineken wins by a landslide.

Anon(SC) said...

Anon - what the hell are you talking about? Everything on earth is a promotional campaign. Sports is a business for gods sake. The point of this was that TWO SOUTH LOOP BARS are going to have back-to-back ESPN broadcast at their locations to kick off march madness. It's a way to support our local establishments.