Friday, March 19, 2010

Don't Confuse Blackies in Printers Row With Boston Blackie's

Hear this Sloopers, Blackie's (at 755 S. Clark) is not affiliated with the Boston Blackie's chain. There has been a lot of press about a check fraud scheme by the owners of the Boston Blackie's chain, but the Blackie's in the South Loop was the original and has been dealing with this confusion for awhile:
Some joker swung open the door at Blackies in Printers Row to scream at an unsuspecting bartender, "Your boss is going to jail, ha ha." Owner Jeffery Thomas says his workers have been getting a lot of that since his longtime nemesis, Nick Giannis -- who owns the Boston Blackies bar-and-grill chain -- was arrested with two other men while trying to flee the country ahead of check-kiting charges last week.

Giannis, a major contributor to U.S. Senate candidate Alexi Giannoulias, along with his son Chris and bar manager Andy Bakopoulos, allegedly defrauded Charter One and Washington Mutual banks of nearly $2 million.

"I'm getting zillions of calls and people coming in saying, 'I hope you all go to jail,'" Thomas said. "They think it's funny."

So Thomas wants those blowhards, and newspaper headline writers for that matter, to know that his Blackies -- the bar his grandfather opened in 1939 -- isn't connected with the alleged crooks who run the chain of bars with the similar name, menu and art deco decor.

The article is a fun read, so enjoy and spread the gospel: Our Blackie's is the original!

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