Thursday, March 4, 2010

Good Info in Most Recent Alderman Newsletter

Alderman Fioretti's newsletter is hit or miss, but this time it was a hit. In case you don't get the newsletter, the first thing is an announcement and celebration for the improvements on the recently refurbished South Wabash street:
At 11 a.m. on Monday, March 8, I (alderman Fioretti) am
hosting a street celebration at 11th and Wabash. This event will commemorate
recent improvements and mark the end of the Wabash Avenue streetscape and
roadway reconstruction project.

The Columbia College Jazz Band will open the event and local
restaurants are offering complimentary drinks and snacks.

The South Loop has seen tremendous growth and development in the past
decade. In cooperation with the community and CDOT, we wanted to ensure this
important thoroughfare was brought up to the level of quality that the growth
and new character of the neighborhood deserves. This has become one of the most
desirable places in the city to live, do business, go to school or work. These
improvements will serve to only further that desire by attracting commerce and

Second, a chance to get some trees planted in your area of the Sloop:
Would you like a tree planted in the parkway in front of your property? If no
tree is currently there, I will direct the Bureau of Forestry to plant
one. At least 100 new trees will be planted in the 2nd Ward this Spring, adding
to the 300 we planted last fall. We must get our locations to the Bureau as soon
as possible this month, so please let us know of your wishes soon. On a
related note, if there is a dead tree in your parkway please let us know right
away. Contact Tim Stevens via email at:

Finally, an announcement to to apply for block party and garage sale permits:
Now is the time to start putting in your requests for block party and garage
sale permits. To do so visit our website and complete the application under the
"For Residents" tab and submit that application to my office at 429 S.


Unknown said...

I have been discussing with the 2nd Ward office about the Ash tree issue that we will be facing in the near future. The ash trees have been looking very unhealthy and will need to be removed very soon. I believe that the emerald ash bored (EAB) has already effected these trees and we should do the responsible thing and remove and replace them.

I have been recommending that we plant new trees now amongst the existing ash and allow them to take root and establish. When the ash trees are eventually removed, the effect will not be as dramatic.

The City of Chicago website has a link to Chicago's top 10 trees. make sure NOT to plant maple trees as they are over saturated in this region.

Anonymous said...

When the Alderman is at the celebration on Monday, can someone please ask him to take a look at the State Street streetscape from Roosevelt to Cermak? From the broken curbs and cracked sidewalks to the dead landscaping and broken street posts, this stretch is far worse off than Wabash ever was. I hope this street becomes a priority now!

Anonymous said...

Who plans a community event on a Monday at 11am? I know it's the Alderman's job to be there, but some of us have day jobs....

Matt said...

didn't notice that at first...good catch Anon March 9. Community event at 11am on a Monday...another great idea from Flip Flip Fioretti!